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Progress and Harmony



"Progress and Harmony of Mankind" : A lofty theme was advocated, at the World Exposition in Osaka in 1970, in the late period of high economic growth of Japan. The Japanese economy has grown steadily thereafter...

Last year was a turbulent year. About a year ago, at March 11, 2011, an unprecedented earthquake and tsunami, followed by a nuclear power plant crisis struck the Tohoku region. Vivid, real time videos taken by many ordinary people as well as by professionals were transmitted across the world. This allowed people to realize the on-the-spot situation, which made an indispensable base for quick planning and implementing relief and support, and the subsequent reconstruction. For such effect, advanced technologies of video, information and communication, and broadcasting, all based on optics, were essential.

There has been another big problem, the Euro crisis. If we look backward further, there was a collapse of bubble economy due to the subprime loan. The economy has been globalized and it has been promoted more and more by the development of technologies including those mentioned above. Consequently, the speeds of grow and collapse of economy both became too fast to be stabilized.

Although it is a matter of course that positive and negative effects of science and technology come together, the recent aspect is that the effects are often very big, broad and propagate very fast, and thus, feedback processes to stabilize the effects are often not in time. In future, when we create and establish a new technology, we must include means to suppress negative effects that the new technology might produce.

For long, we have attached the importance to the progress. More emphasis should be placed on the harmony for the future. Otherwise, further growth will be difficult.

"Progress and harmony of mankind" : We, working for science and technology, should contribute the word really implemented in the human world.

(Inaugurated, April 1st, 2012)