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Optics and appiled optics are expected to be one of the most promising fields in the 21st century. You are cordinally welcome to join the Optical Society of Japan (OSJ).

Member Benifits

  • Free subscription of KOGAKU, Japanese Journal of Optics
  • Conference and Meeting Discounts
  • Presentations in OSJ Meetings, Optics & Photonics Japan
  • Benefits in Sponsoring / Co-sponsoring International Conferences
  • Networking Opportunities

These are the benefits for the regular members.

Membership Dues

Regular Member

  • A Member (JSAP non-member)
       9,600 yen/year (student member 6,000 yen/year)
  • B Member (JSAP member)
       9,600 yen/year (student member 3,000 yen/year)

Special Member : Institutions receiving the OSJ journals

  • Special Member A (receiving KOGAKU only)
  • Special Member B (receiving OPTICAL REVIEW only)
  • Special Member C (receiving both KOGAKU and OPTICAL REVIEW)

Supporting Member : Corporations supporting OSJ academic activities

  • (receiving OYO BUTURI and KOGAKU)
       40,000 yen/year

Way to Join

Please use fax or e-mail shown below for requesting the application form.

You may apply for the admission through website at

The Optical Society of Japan
(An affiliate of the Japan Society of Applied Physics)
Email : membership(@)jsap.or.jp
(Please delete the parenthesis () on "@.")

Optical Society of Japan