Contents for Vol. 10, No. 6 Nov./Dec., 2003

Vol. 10, No. 6 Nov./Dec., 2003 ISSN: 1340-6000
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Letter OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 511 Practical Accurate Optical Ranging Based on Polarization Self Modulation of a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Diode Seiichi KAKUMA and Ryoji OHBA
Regular Papers GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 514 Grating Interferometer Using ±1st Order Beams for Step-Profile Altitude Difference Measurement Yande XU, Osami SASAKI and Takamasa SUZUKI
    518 Interference Effects Using Ring-Shaped Filtering Antonio Jimenez-Ceniceros and Victor M. Castano Meneses
  INFORMATION OPTICS 523 Performance Comparison and Evaluation of Options for Arranging Data in Digital Optical Parallel Computing Naoki NISHIMURA, Yasuhiro AWATSUJI and Toshihiro KUBOTA
    534 Reversal Bleached Transmission Holograms Derived from Slavich PFG-01 Plate: the Influence of Developer Composition on Diffraction Efficiency Chun-Woo LIM, Dae-Wook CHOI and Sang-Ho SOHN
  LASERS 539 Unidirectional Single-Mode 532-nm Nd:YAG Laser Using Intracavity Frequency Doubling in Nonplanar Ring Geometry Jong Rak PARK, Hyun Su KIM and Jin-Tae KIM
    544 Characteristics of Multi-Beam Module Using Waveguides for Laser Scanning Optical Systems Akiyoshi HAMADA, Naoki NISHIDA, Takuji HATANO and Masayuki MINO
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 549 Phase Modulation in Interferometry: Phase-Drift Suppression over a Wide Range of the Modulation Index Adrian DOBROIU, Manabu SATO and Naohiro TANNO
  ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND SPACE OPTICS 554 An Imaging Colorimeter for Noncontact Skin Color Measurement Li YANG, Mariko EGAWA, Makio AKIMOTO and Michio MIYAKAWA
    562 Blood Flow Analyses of Skin Tissue Under the Sacrum Using Laser Speckle Flowgraphy Min-Chul LEE, Naoki KONISHI and Hitoshi FUJII
Special Issue
Asian Symposium on Biomedical Optics and Photomedicine (BOPM2002) Part2
    vii Preface  
    viii Executive Committee Member  
Regular Papers INFORMATION OPTICS 567 Process Algorithms for Resolution Improvement and Contrast Enhancement in Optical Coherence Tomography I-Jen HSU, Chia-Wei SUN, Chih-Wei LU, Chih-Chung YANG, Chun-Ping CHIANG, Chii-Wann LIN
    572 Novel Optical Delay Line for Optical Coherence Tomography System Byeong Ha LEE, Tae-Jung EOM, EunSeo CHOI, Gopinath MUDHANA and Changsu LEE
    576 Optical Coherence Tomography Premiere in Korea EunSeo CHOI, Young-Jae KIM, Jihoon NA, Changsu LEE, Changsu NA, Byoeng Ha LEE
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 580 Evaluating a Multi-Spectral Imaging System for Mapping Pigments in Human Skin Masahiro OKUYAMA, Norimichi TSUMURA and Yoichi MIYAKE
    585 Development of Fiber Optic Sensing System for Analyzing Isozymes Reaction of Cytochrome P450-1A Doubted as Carcinogen Activator Isao YAMAKAWA, Yuuta SAITOH, Atsushi USUI, Issei SASAKI and Akio KAZUSAKA
  ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND SPACE OPTICS 588 Multi-Photon Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: a Quantification of Tryptophan Methylester Solutions by Visible Emission Goro NISHIMURA and Masataka KINJO
    592 A New Optical Imager for Hemoglobin Distribution in Human Skin Ikuo KONISHI, Yasnobu ITO, Naofumi SAKAUCHI, Manami KOBAYASHI and Yoshio TSUNAZAWA
    596 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) Analysis of Human Red Blood Cell System Yasuo TAKAHASHI, Niklas BARK, Masataka KINJO and Rudolf RIGLER
    600 Monte Carlo Simulation of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in the Wavelength Range from 1000 nm to 1900 nm Kenji IINO, Katsuhiko MARUO, Hidenobu ARIMOTO, Koji HYODO, Tetsu NAKATANI and Yukio YAMADA
    607 Individual Cerebral Hemodynamic Response to Caffeine Was Related to Performance on a Newly Developed Stroop Color-Word Task Tadashi NIIOKA and Makoto SASAKI
Short Note INFORMATION OPTICS 609 Transient Photon Transport in Turbid Media with an Irregularly Shaped Foreign Object John C. CHAI


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