Contents for Vol. 11, No. 5 Sep./Oct., 2004

Vol. 11, No. 5 Sep./Oct., 2004 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Area Page Title Author(s)
letters OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 297 Vibration Analysis by Phase Shifting Digital Holography Fucai ZHANG, Jesus D. R. VALERA, Ichirou YAMAGUCHI, Masayuki YOKOTA and Godfrey MILLS
  OTHERS 300 Group Delay of a Coupled-Defect Waveguide in a Photonic Crystal Kazuhiko HOSOMI, Toshihiko FUKAMACHI, Toshio KATSUYAMA and Yasuhiko ARAKAWA
Regular Papers GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 303 Two-Period Interference Fringe Interferometry for Step-Profile Altitude Difference Measurement Yande XU
    308 Light Diffraction from Wood Tissue Simo-Pekka SIMONAHO and Raimo SILVENNOINEN
    312 Modification of Spatial Coherence by Means of Low-Order Zernike-Mode Adaptive Optics Tomohiro SHIRAI
  INFORMATION OPTICS 320 A Network of Analog Metal Oxide Semiconductor Circuits for Motion Detection with Local Adaptation to a Background Image Hitoshi YAMADA, Kimihiro NISHIO, Masahiro OHTANI, Hiroo YONEZU and Yuzo FURUKAWA
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 328 Mutual Action of Optical Activity and Electro-Optic Effect and Its Influence on the Electro-Optic Q-switch Yin XIN, Zhang SHAOJUN and Wang JIYANG
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 332 Photorefractive Four-Wave Mixing Switches Utilizing Pockels Effect—Longitudinal and Lateral Switches— Imtiaz Ahmad TAJ, Ping XIE, Kojiro KOYANAGI and Teruhito MISHIMA
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 337 Phase Measurement Algorithm in Wavelength Scanned Fizeau Interferometer Ryohei HANAYAMA, Kenichi HIBINO, Shin'ichi WARISAWA and Mamoru MITSUISHI
    344 Wavefront Curvature Sensing Based on Diffraction Grating and Fractional Fourier Transforms Banghe ZHU, Akira SHIRAKAWA, Mitsuru MUSHA, Ken-ichi UEDA and Kevin D. COLE


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