Contents for Vol. 12, No. 5 Sep./Oct., 2005

Vol. 12, No. 5 Sep./Oct., 2005 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Area Page Title Author(s)
Letter PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 359 Up to 8-GHz Ultrafast Multi-Wavelength Routing Operation of Active Birefringent Fiber Loop Filter/Interleaver Using a Traveling-Wave-Type Phase Modulator Noriaki ONODERA, Kenichiro TSUJI and Masatoshi SARUWATARI
Regular Papers GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 363 Reflection of Waves from a Ridged Surface and the Zeno Effect Dmitrii KOUZNETSOV and Hilmar OBERST
  INFORMATION OPTICS 367 Optical Joint Transform Encryption Using Binary Phase Difference Key Mask Chau-Jern CHENG, Li-Chien LIN, Chien-Ming WANG and Chiung-Liang CHEN
    372 Oblique-Incidence Characteristics of a Parallel-Aligned Nematic-Liquid-Crystal Spatial Light Modulator Norihiro FUKUCHI, YE Biqing, Yasunori IGASAKI, Narihiro YOSHIDA, Yuji KOBAYASHI and Tsutomu HARA
    378 Spatial Position Detection of Three-Dimensional Objectsby Effective Three-Dimensional Correlation Basedon Fourier Transform Profilometry Nobukazu YOSHIKAWA
    383 Direct Fabrication of Surface Relief Holographic Diffusers in Azobenzene Polymer Films Daisuke SAKAI, Kenji HARADA, Shun-ichi KAMEMARU, Mohamed A. EL-MORSY, Masahide ITOH and Toyohiko YATAGAI
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 387 Crosstalk Reduction Using Tapered Intersecting Waveguides Yousuke KOBAYASHI and Hiroyuki TSUDA
  LASERS 391 Output Beam Quality of Edge Pumped Planar Waveguide Lasers with Confocal Unstable Resonators Zhimin WANG, Xin YE, Tao FANG and Jianqiu XU
    396 Q-Switched Intracavity Frequency-Doubled Solid State Lasers: Influence of ETU Effect, Repetition Rate and ESA Effect Yung-Sheng HUANG and Fang-Ling CHANG
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 405 Liquid Pressure Varifocus Lens Ryoichi KUWANO, Tsuyoshi TOKUNAGA, Yukitoshi OTANI and Norihiro UMEDA
  ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND SPACE OPTICS 409 Accuracy Analysis of the Fabry–Perot Etalon Based Doppler Wind Lidar Dongsong SUN, Zhiqing ZHONG, Jun ZHOU, Huanling HU and Takao KOBAYASHI
    415 Finding of Optimal Calcium Ion Probes for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement Keisuke YOSHIKI, Hiroki AZUMA, Kazuhiko YOSHIOKA, Mamoru HASHIMOTO and Tsutomu ARAKI
  VISION 420 Quantitative Estimation of Phytoplankton Species in Freshwater by Two Step Linear Regression Analysis Using Spectral Absorption Method Asha Udayamali M. LOKUHEWAGE, Yasuhiro NAIKI and Satoru TOYOOKA


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