Contents for Vol. 14, No. 5 Sept./Oct., 2007

Vol. 14, No. 5 Sept./Oct., 2007 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Area Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers   255 A Highly Accurate Face Recognition System Using Filtering Correlation Eriko WATANABE, Sayuri ISHIKAWA, and Kashiko KODATE
    260 Photonic Implementation of Quantum Computation Algorithm Based on Spatial Coding Naoya TATE, Yusuke OGURA, and Jun TANIDA
    266 Optimization of Binary Hologram Degraded by Periodic Lattice Structure of Liquid-Crystal Device Panel in Real Optical Security Systems Junji OHTSUBO and Ayano FUJIMOTO
    271 Analog Integrated Circuit for Motion Detection with Simple-Shape Recognition Based on Frog Vision System Kimihiro NISHIO, Hiroo YONEZU, and Yuzo FURUKAWA
    282 Simple Analog Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Circuit for Generating Motion Signal Kimihiro NISHIO, Kenji MATSUZAKA, and Hiroo YONEZU
    290 Fast Optimization of Binary Encrypted Hologram Based on Error Correction Method in Optical Security Systems Keizo NAKAYAMA and Junji OHTSUBO
    297 A Robust Point Spread Function Estimation for Out-of-Focus Blurred and Noisy Images Based on a Distribution of Gradient Vectors on the Polar Plane Morihiko SAKANO, Noriaki SUETAKE, and Eiji UCHINO
    304 Replicated Polymer Light Guide Interconnector with Depth Modified Surface Relief Grating Couplers Samuli SIITONEN, Juha PIETARINEN, Pasi LAAKKONEN, Konstantins JEFIMOVS, Markku KUITTINEN, Teemu ALAJOKI, Kari MÖNKKÖNEN, Esko J. PÄÄKKÖNEN, and Ari TERVONEN
    310 Mechanical Characterization Measurement of Polymer Material under Stress by Birefringence Microscope Mizue EBISAWA, Yukitoshi OTANI, and Norihiro UMEDA
    314 Parallel Plate Interferometer with a Reflecting Mirror for Measuring Angular Displacement Defeng ZHENG, Xiangzhao WANG, and Osami SASAKI
    319 Partial Exclusion of the Local Effect from the Assessment of Recognized Illuminant Using Depth Separation II: Influence of Depth Separation under Chromatic Illumination Kitirochna RATTANAKASAMSUK and Hiroyuki SHINODA
Special Section: The Fifth International Conference on
Optics-Photonics Design & Fabrication “ODF'06, Nara”
Regular Papers   325 2× Zoom Ratio Telecentric Projector Lens Design for 1080 P High Definition Television with Minimum 8000 K Color Temperature Yi-Chin FANG, Chen-Mu TSAI, Wei-Teng LIN, and Yu-Cheng LIN
    334 Design and Evaluation of Computer Generated Hologram with Binary Subwavelength Structure Designed by Deterministic Process Takehito OONISHI, Tsuyoshi KONISHI, and Kazuyoshi ITOH
    339 Hologram Recording in Various Glass Plates by Corona Charging Daisuke SAKAI, Kenji HARADA, Shun-ichi KAMEMARU, and Takashi FUKUDA
    343 Response of Ferroelectric Molecules in Liquid Crystal Display under an Applied Electric Field Misaki TAKEI, Hideki SHIROCHI, and Masafumi YAMASHITA
    347 Three-Dimensional Information Acquisition Using a Compound Imaging System Ryoichi HORISAKI, Satoru IRIE, Yusuke OGURA, and Jun TANIDA
    351 Development of One-dimensional Fiber-Optic Radiation Sensor for Measuring Dose Distributions of High Energy Photon Beams Bongsoo LEE, Kyoung Won JANG, Dong Hyun CHO, Wook Jae YOO, Hyung Shik KIM, Soon-Cheol CHUNG, and Jeong Han YI
    355 Low-Temperature Radiometric Measurements Using a Silver Halide Optical Fiber and Infrared Optical Devices Bongsoo LEE, Wook Jae YOO, Dong Hyun CHO, Kyoung Won JANG, Soon-Cheol CHUNG, and Gye-Rae TACK


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