Contents for Vol. 19, No. 5 Sept/Oct, 2012

Vol. 19, No. 5 Sept/Oct, 2012 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Page Title Author(s)
Letters 287 Fabrication of Cylindrical Lens Arrays Utilizing the Pinning Effect of the Partition Walls on Ultraviolet Curable Polymers Shin YASUDA and Keishi SHIMIZU
  290 Instability of Traveling Waves in an Optical Waveguide Yoshihiko MIZUSHIMA
Regular Papers 294 Initialization of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization by Gaussian Primaries for Reconstruction of Spectral Data Syamak FARAJIKHAH and Seyed Hossein AMIRSHAHI
  306 Analysis of Texture Characteristics Associated with Visual Complexity Perception Xiaoying GUO, Chie Muraki ASANO, Akira ASANO, Takio KURITA, Liang LI
  315 Supercontinuum Generation at 1.55 μm Using Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fiber for Telecommunication and Medical Applications Md. Anwar HOSSAIN, Yoshinori NAMIHIRA, and S. M. Abdur RAZZAK
  320 Effect of Transmission Fiber and Amplifier Noise on Optical Chaos Synchronization Syed Zafar ALI, Muhammad Khawar ISLAM, and Muhammad ZAFRULLAH
  328 Quality Factor of Circular Laser Diode Beam Tailored by Optical Interference Takehiro FUKUSHIMA, Koichiro SAKAGUCHI, and Yasunori TOKUDA
  332 On Enhanced Tuning Capabilities of External Cavity Lasers Using Acousto-Optic Modulators André Bösel, Jörg EHLBECK, Nicole König, Klaus-Dieter SALEWSKI, and Jürgen Röpcke
  337 Ultrashort Pulse Generation Using Fiber FM Laser Dang Trang NGUYEN, Junji ABOU, and Akihiro MORIMOTO
  341 Compensation for the Thermal Effect in the Second-Harmonic Generation of a Q-Switched Nanosecond–Kilohertz Nd:YVO4 Laser Tetsuo HARIMOTO, Boku YO, and Kosuke UCHIDA
  345 Monocular Viewing Prolongs Reversal Interval of Perceptual Rival Figure Shigehito TANAHASHI, Kaori SEGAWA, Meihong ZHENG, Junko KUZE, and Kazuhiko UKAI
  349 Combined Image Similarity Index Krzysztof OKARMA

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