Contents for Vol.2, No.1 1995

Vol.2, No.1 Jan./Feb. 1995 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Area Page Title Author(s)
Letters INFORMATION OPTICS 1 Crosstalk-Free Condition for Land/Groove Recording of Optical Discs Hiroshi OOKI
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 4 Fermi-Dirac Kink Propagation in High-Order Nonlinear Media Kazuya HAYATA, Masanori KOSHIBA
Regular Papers GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 6 Effects of Spatial Coherence and Dispersive Diffraction on a Change in Optical Spectrum Yoshihiro OHTSUKA, Satoshi TANAKA, Michiyuki KAMADA, Taiki KOBAYASHI
    13 Coherence Effects in Radiometry and Spectroscopy Emil WOLF
  INFORMATION OPTICS 14 Analysis of Optical Disk Readout Signal Deterioration Caused by Dust on the Substrate Yoshinori HONGUH
    20 Multi-Layered Optical Storage with Nonlinear Read/Write Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI, Satoru S. KANO
    24 Phase Modulation Capability of Thin Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Panels at Double-Pass Configurations Makoto YAMAUCHI, Tomoaki EIJU
    28 Quantitative Imaging by Optical Diffraction Tomography Torolf C. WEDBERG, Jakob J. STAMNES
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 32 Spatial Frequency Response and Transient Anisotropy in Bacteriorhodopsin Thin Films Lars LINDVOLD, Husain IMAM, P.S. RAMANUJAM
    39 Characteristics of Organic Photo- and Electro-Luminescent Devices with Double Mirrors Takahiro NAKAYAMA, Yuzo ITOH, Atsushi KAKUTA
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 43 A New Architecture for Optical Data Processing Devices by the Application of Bistability in Luminescence Bruno ULLRICH, Takayoshi KOBAYASHI
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 47 Lens Design: An Attempt to Use ?eEscape Function?f as a Tool in Global Optimization Masaki ISSHIKI, Hiroki ONO, Suezou NAKADATE
    52 Design of an Optical Fiber Device for Pumping a Double-Clad Fiber Laser with a Laser Diode Bar Luis A. ZENTENO
    55 Zone Plate Common Path Interferometer for Testing Aspherical Mirror with Large Aperture Haike GUAN, Masahiro YAMAGUCHI, Naganki OHYAMA, Toshio HONDA
    59 Radius Measurement of a Concave Mirror by a Zone Plate Interferometer ZhiQiang LIU, Katsuyuki OKADA, Toshio HONDA, Jumpei TSUJIUCHI
    62 Input Power Conditions for Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors in Raman Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry Jiro MORITA, Takeaki YOSHIMURA, Takumi MINEMOTO
    65 Optical Spatial Filter Sensor for Ground Speed Yasunobu SAKAI, Tetsuya UNO, Junichi TAKAGI, Tsukasa YAMASHITA
  ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND SPACE OPTICS 68 Observational Results of Stellar Speckle Interferometric Spectroscopy Susumu KUWAMURA, Naoshi BABA, Noriaki MIURA, Yuji NORIMOTO
  VISION 72 Learning to Recognize Patterns: Changes in the Visual Field with Familiarity James M. BEBKO, Keiji UCHIKAWA, Shinya SAIDA, Mitsuo IKEDA
    81 Effect of Spatial Frequency on Equal-Luminance Point for the Mechanism of Shape from Shading Shoji SUNAGA, Satoshi SHIOIRI, Hirohisa YAGUCHI, Souichi KUBO

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