Contents for Vol. 20, No. 4 July/Aug, 2013

Vol. 20, No. 4 July/Aug, 2013 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Page Title Author(s)
Letters 289 Rician Noise Reduction by Combining Mathematical Morphological Operators through Genetic Programming Muhammad SHARIF, Muhammad Arfan JAFFAR, and Muhammad Tariq MAHMOOD
  293 Analysis of Resonator Modes in Two-Dimensional Laser Cavities Containing a Left-Handed Material Takehiro FUKUSHIMA, Koichiro SAKAGUCHI, Masanori HANGYO, and Yasunori TOKUDA
Regular Papers 296 Trade-Off between Diffraction Efficiency and Uniformity for Design of Binary Diffractive Laser Beam Shaper Ku-Hui HSU and Hoang Yan LIN
  303 50.2 W High Stability and High Compact All-Solid-State Green Laser with Extra-Cavity Frequency-Doubling at 500 Hz Zhenxu BAI, Meng CHEN, Jing JIANG, Mingliang LONG, Liyuan CHEN, and Gang LI
  308 Spatial-Mode Analysis in Broad-Area Semiconductor Lasers Subjected to Optical Feedback Akira TAKEDA, Rui SHOGENJI, and Junji OHTSUBO
  314 Synchronization Properties and Effects of Parameter Mismatches in Unidirectionally Coupled Chaotic Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Shinnya TOMIDA, Rui SHOGENJI, and Junji OHTSUBO
  321 Superfunctions for Amplifiers Dmitrii KOUZNETSOV
  327 Dynamic Control of Mode Field Diameter and Effective Area by Germanium Doping of Hexagonal Photonic Crystal Fibers Kazuya MIYAGI, Yoshinori NAMIHIRA, Yuho KASAMATSU, and Md. Anwar HOSSAIN
  332 Simple Optical Modeling of Polarized Fluorescent Liquid Crystal Cells Michinori HONMA, Shigeki YAMAMOTO, and Toshiaki NOSE
  338 Electro-Optical Detection of ZnO-Based Unbalanced Fabry–Perot Resonators Feng ZHU, Yan-Hao YU, Ru-Long JIN, Ai-Wu LI, Yong-Sen YU, and Han YANG
  341 Fast and Robust Color Constancy Algorithm Based on Grey Block-Differencing Hypothesis Shiming LAI, Xin TAN, Yu LIU, Bin WANG, and Maojun ZHANG
  348 Improved Gamut-Constrained Illuminant Estimation by Combining Modified Category Correlation Xingsheng YUAN, Fengtao XIANG, and Zhengzhi WANG

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