Contents for Vol. 21, No. 1 Jan/Feb, 2014

Vol. 21, No. 1 Jan/Feb, 2014 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Page Title Author(s)
Letter 1 A Novel Automatic Measurement Method of Laser Beam Divergence Angle Based on Two Linear Array Charge Coupled Devices Jing XIE, Haiqing CHEN, Zuojun TAN, Dejia HOU, and Xianfeng WANG
Regular Papers 4 Characterizing Polarization Properties of Radially Polarized Beams Yuzhao MA and Renbiao WU
  9 Multiframe Blind Deconvolution Applied to Diverse Shift-and-Add Images of an Astronomical Object Susumu KUWAMURA, Yasuyuki AZUMA, Noriaki MIURA, Fumiaki TSUMURAYA, Makoto SAKAMOTO, and Naoshi BABA
  17 A Time-Domain Projection-Based Registration-Scene-Based Nonuniformity Correction Technology and its Detailed Hardware Realization Ning LIU and Hang QIU
  27 A Method for Moving Objects Segmentation Based on Human Vision Perception in Infrared Video Bin SUN, Chaobo MIN, Junju ZHANG, Bengkang CHANG, Yingjie LI, and Han YIYONG
  35 Super-resolution Image Reconstruction Based on Tukey Data Fusion and Bilateral-Total-Variation Regularization Yan CHEN, Shuhua WANG, Weiqi JIN, Guangping WANG, Weili CHEN, and Junwei LI
  43 Reliability Study on High-Power 638 nm Broad Stripe Laser Diode Hiroshi MITSUYAMA, Takashi MOTODA, Takehiro NISHIDA, Kaoru KADOIWA, and Tetsuya YAGI
  48 Use of State of Polarization Transparent Scheme for Polarization Shift Keying Signal as Optical Phase Conjugator to Improve the Transmission Performance Md. Nur-Al-Safa BHUIYAN, Motoharu MATSUURA, Hung Nguyen TAN, and Naoto KISHI
  54 A Spectrophotometric Method for Determining Linear and Predicting Nonlinear Optical Properties of Glass Substrates El-Sayed EL-ZAIAT
  60 Adaptive Estimation of Depth Map for Two-Dimensional to Three-Dimensional Stereoscopic Conversion Fan GUO, Jin TANG, and Hui PENG
Special Section:
The 2nd Laser Display Conference (LDC'13)
Regular Papers 75 Miniaturized Highly Brilliant Diode Laser Modules for Future Display Applications Katrin PASCHKE, Christian FIEBIG, Gunnar BLUME, Alexander SAHM, Daniel JEDRZEJCZYK, David FEISE, and Götz ERBERT
  79 Speckle Control Using High-Frequency Signal Superposition to Semiconductor Laser Hiroshi MURATA, Katsuya SHIBASAKI, Kazuhisa YAMAMOTO, and Yasuyuki OKAMURA
  83 Color Speckle Kazuo KURODA, Tomoharu ISHIKAWA, Miyoshi AYAMA, and Shigeo KUBOTA
  90 Nonuniform Intensity Distribution of the Scattered Light by Moving Diffuser across Projection Lens Pupil and Its Influence in Speckle Reduction Yasushi TOMITA, Koji SUZUKI, Tatsuo FUKUI, Hironori TOKITA, and Shigeo KUBOTA
  94 Verification of Speckle Contrast Measurement Interrelation with Observation Distance Koji SUZUKI, Tatsuo FUKUI, Shigeo KUBOTA, and Yasunori FURUKAWA

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