Contents for Vol.3, No.5 1996

Vol. 3, No. 5 Sept./Oct., 1996 ISSN: 1340-6000
  Area Page Title Author(s)
Letters GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 303 A Compact and Transmissive Device for Dispersion-Compensation of Ultrashort Optical Pulses Yong LEE
    306 A Novel Spread Function for Observation of Random Surface Kyu YOSHIMORI, Kazuyoshi ITOH, Yoshiki ICHIOKA
  QUANTUM OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY 309 Genaration of Tunable Amplitude-Squeezed Lights Hidemi TSUCHIDA
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 312 Phase Conjugation with Picosecond Pulses in BaTiO3 Hon-Fai YAU, En-Yea PEN, Peir-Jyh WANG, Junewen CHEN
  ENVIRONMRNTAL, BIOLOGICAL, AND SPACE OPTICS 315 Optical Computed Tomography Imaging of Absorbers in a Highly Scattering Medium by Detection of Photons Preserving Initial Polarization Hiromichi HORINAKA, Koji HASHIMOTO, Kenji WADA, Tokuo UMEDA, Yoshio CHO
Regular Papers GENERAL AND PHYSICAL OPTICS 319 Astigmatic Characteristics of Diffractive Optical Elements with Aspherical Phase Term Kenji TATSUMI
    324 Spectral Changes of Light Produced by Multiple Scattering from Space-Time Fluctuating Random Media under the Born Approximation Tomohiro SHIRAI, Toshimitsu ASAKURA
  INFORMATION OPTICS 335 Shift-and-Add Method with Optically Pre-Processed Stellar Specklegrams Susumu KUWAMURA, Ichirou YAMAGUCHI
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 341 The Reduction of Harmonic and Intermodulation Distortions with a Cascaded Mach-Zehnder Modulator Ching-Ting LEE, How-Chiang LEE,Lih-Gen SHEU
    345 Method of Designing a Corrugated Optical Waveguide Filter Moustafa AHMED, Minoru YAMADA, Yasuhiro YAMANE
    351 A TiO2 Film/K+ Ion-Exchanged Glass Composite Optical Waveguide and Its Application to Refractive Index Sensor Xiao-Min CHEN, De-Kui QING, Kiminori ITOH, Masayuki MURABAYASHI
    356 Wavelength Switching of a Fabry-Perot Semiconductor Laser by Detuned Optical Input Pulses Masakatsu OKADA, Mitsuo HASHIMOTO, Takaaki FUNAKOSHI
  NONLINEAR OPTICS 361 Temporal Behavior of Phase Conjugate Wave in Self-Pumped Phase Conjugator with Internal Total Reflection Kiyoshi NAKAGAWA, Hiroyuki KOSHI, Takumi MINEMOTO
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 365 A Hyperboloid Single Lens Focusing on a Spherical Image Surface up to Very High Angles of Incidence Hideaki ISHIZUKI, Hiroshi KOBAYASHI
    369 Ultra-High Quality Cavity with 1.5 ppm Loss at 1064 nm Akitoshi UEDA, Noboru UEHARA, Katumi UCHISAWA, Ken-ichi UEDA, Hisao SEKIGUCHI, Takayoshi MITAKE,Kenji NAKAMURA, Naoya KITAJIMA, Izumi KATAOKA

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