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[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 21, No. 5 (2014) 599-604]
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A Simple and Cost-Effective Molecular Diagnostic System and DNA Probes Synthesized by Light Emitting Diode Photolithography

Sergiy OLEKSANDROV*, Jung Ho KWON, Ki-chang LEE, Sujin-Ku, and Mun Cheol PAEK

Korea Materials and Analysis Corporation, Daejeon 305-500, Korea

(Received November 28, 2013; Accepted February 4, 2014)

This work introduces a novel chip to be used in the future as a simple and cost-effective method for creating DNA arrays using light emission diode (LED) photolithography. The DNA chip platform contains 24 independent reaction sites, which allows for the testing of a corresponding amount of patients' samples in hospital. An array of commercial UV LEDs and lens systems was combined with a microfluidic flow system to provide patterning of 24 individual reaction sites, each with 64 independent probes. Using the LED array instead of conventional laser exposure systems or micro-mirror systems significantly reduces the cost of equipment. The microfluidic system together with microfluidic flow cells drastically reduces the amount of used reagents, which is important due to the high cost of commercial reagents. The DNA synthesis efficiency was verified by fluorescence labeling and conventional hybridization.

Key words: DNA array, DNA chip, DNA microarray, DNA photolithography, LED array, microfluidic flow cell

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