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[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 21, No. 5 (2014) 639-641]
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Smooth Energy Mappings for Freeform Lens Design

Ku Chin LIN*

Mechanical Engineering Department, Kun Shan University, Tainan 71003, Taiwan

(Received February 21, 2014; Revised May 5, 2014; Accepted May 14, 2014)

A method of smooth energy mappings for uniform rectangular-shaped illumination is proposed. The adequacy of the proposed method is demonstrated by ray-tracing simulation. The method can be used for horizontal clear-cut illumination to comply with the ECE regulations for auto fog light and 15°-tilt for headlamp.

Key words: illumination design, freeform lens, lens design, energy mapping, ray-tracing simulation

*Present address: 23, Dong Ping Rd., Tainan 701 Taiwan, 9F-1. E-mail address:


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