Invited Review Paper

[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 21, No. 6 (2014) 883-892]
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48 Years with Holography

Toshihiro KUBOTA

Professor Emeritus of Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kubota Holography Lab Co., Uji, Kyoto 611-0042, Japan

(Received May 22, 2014; Accepted July 8, 2014)

The invention of holography was epoch-making in optics. Although the research on holography has cycled through active and stagnant periods, holography has gradually become a practical technique thanks to researchers' steady efforts. The technique has many attractive features and is used in many fields nowadays. The latest developments in high-definition image sensors and ultrashort pulsed lasers have given rise to a new possibility of holography. I have been engaged in the research and development of holography since I knew it by casual opportunity. In this paper, the research in early stages of holography is briefly described, and some of my basic and applied research in which I have so far engaged are introduced.

Key words: holography, hologram, recording material, holographic optical element, holographic display, ultrashort pulsed laser, light propagation, digital holography


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