Invited Speakers


Plenary Speaker

Heike Riel (IBM Reseach, Zurich)
"Integrated III-V Nanoelectronic Devices on Si"

Yoshihiro Hayashi (SDRJ Chair, Renesas Electronics)
"Harmonic innovatios in Semiconductor Devices and Computor Architectures toward Post “Moore-era”"

Invited Speakers

Deji Akinwande (University of Texas at Austin)
"2D Nanoelectronics: From Graphene to Silicene and Beyond"

Nadine Collaert (IMEC)
"More Moore: from device scaling to 3D integration and system-technology co-optimization"

Akira Fujiwara (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
"Ultimate single electronics with silicon nanowire MOSFETs"

Louis Hutin (LETI)
"Harnessing Si CMOS Technology for Quantum Information"