Abstract Submission@CLOSED

DEADLINE: January 15 February 7, 2007 (Deadline Postponed)

--- Late Abstracts Not Accepted
--- Abstract submission MUST BE preceded by registration (here).

Authors are invited to submit a one-page (A4 size, B/W only) abstract together with Abstract Submission Form attached to an email to the M&BE4 Secretariat Dr. Naoki Matsuda ( mbe4@ni.aist.go.jp ).

Here is the Guideline for Abstract Submission. You can use this MSWord document as a template for production of your abstracts

Only PDF file (via E-mail) is accepted , so please convert your manuscript to PDF file!


Paper Submission

Summary Information for Contributors:
Please note that web submission is not available for special issues.

Please check the following list to expedite publication of your paper.

This manuscript has not been copyrighted; it has not been accepted (and is not under active consideration) for publication elsewhere.

This manuscript does not have text identical to the papers distributed during the conference. The context of the paper is original.

Prior to submission the authors are requested to consider copyright matters by obtaining permission for use of information in a paper which has already been printed or disclosed.

gApplication for publication in JJAPh form for the special issue is provided. g Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics h is chosen as the name of the special issue. The session number and the author's signatures both in the gAgreement of Copyright Transferh and gPayment of Publication Chargeh sections are given. (The application form for the special issue can be downloaded at http://www.ipap.jp/jjap/authors/index.htm)

Single copy of the entire manuscript is submitted. Please also submit a single electronic file in pdf format containing main text, reference list, figure captions, tabular materials and figures.

The manuscript is typed double-spaced, with margins of at least 2cm on the left and right sides, in a single column, and on one side of the sheet only. The size of the paper is ISO A4 (21cm ~ 30cm) or US letter size (8.5h ~ 11h).

Keywords, 5-10 in number, are typed on the next line after the abstract.

References are listed on a separate sheet in the JJAP format.
(Refer to
http://www.ipap.jp/jjap/authors/instruction/instruction_e.pdf (English)
http://www.ipap.jp/jjap/authors/instruction/instruction_j.pdf (Japanese))

All figure captions are typed on a separate sheet.

All figures include
- figure numbers and the author's names
- if color printing is requested, gcolor printingh in red@in the margin.

Each figure is separately illustrated on an A4 or US letter size sheet

Please send your manuscript and its PDF file with the completed application form to

JJAP Editorial Section
The Institute of Pure & Applied Physics
DaVinci Yushima 5F, 2-31-22 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0034, Japan

Deadline for submission
April 15, 2007

Procedures after submission

1. The submitted paper will be reviewed based on the JJAP standard for an original paper. All papers submitted are not necessarily accepted in the final review.

2. If the manuscript is not accepted for publication in the special issue by the deadline for the special issue as a consequence of revisions requested by referees, it will be considered for inclusion in a later issue of JJAP.

3. Please note that the authors (or their institution) are required to pay the publication charge. The publication charge entitles the author to receive 100 reprints. The publication charge must be paid even if a paper submitted to the Journal is withdrawn by the author after the printing procedure has commenced.



PjFabrication Technique and Characterization
QjMolecular Electronics
  Basic properties, molecular design, interfacial phenomena, and spintronics, etc.
RjMolecular Photonics
  Lasing , nonlinear optical and photorefractive materials etc.
SjLiquid crystals, Polymers, and Other Soft-materials
  Material science, gel, colloid, carbon fiber etc.
TjBiomolecular Electronics, Bioanalysis
  Biomaterials, bioelectronics and sensor etc
UjOrganic Devices
  LED, FET, solar cells, memory devices, organic semiconductor LASER etc.
VjNanotechnology and Related topics
  Molecular- and Bio- nanotechnology, single molecule devices, nano-gap electrodes, etc.