For Invited or Oral Presentations:

Keynote Lecture: 40 min, including the time for discussion

Invited Paper: 30 min, including the time for discussion

Oral Paper: 20 min, including the time for discussion


1.  We recommend that you bring your laptop computers.

2.  During the coffee break or the lunchtime before your session, you would check the connection of your computer to our switching system.

3. As a backup, please bring presentation materials saved on your storage media. We will prepare Windows XP- and Microsoft Power Point 2003-ready computers.

4.  If you would like to use our computers for your presentation, please contact us, prior to the session.



For Poster Presentations (in the Lobby):

P1_numbers: 17:40-19:40 , March 14, 2007

P2_numbers: 11:30-13:30 , March 15, 2007


1.  The size of the poster would be no larger than 180 cm high x 90 cm wide.

2.  Please mount your posters, prior to the poster session, during the coffee break or lunchtime.

3.  Please remove your posters after the session.