about M&BE4

The Molecular Organic Electronics and Bioelectronics Division of the Japan Society of Applied Physics has continued the organization of the Biannual International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics (M&BE4) since its inception in 2001. The first conference was held at Awaji Island, Japan, in March 2001, and the second conference was in Tokyo, in March 2003, and the third conference was also held at Tokyo in March 2005. We are delighted to announce that we are organizing the fourth international conference in Tokyo again, in the forthcoming March 2007.

Recent progress in every aspect of science and technology related with electronics and photonics using organic molecules, polymers, and bio-related materials will be discussed at M&BE4. Topics on basic studies such as fabrication and characterization of thin films, interfacial phenomena, spectroscopy, and single-molecule manipulations, as well as application-oriented studies, related to LEDs, FETs, solar cells, memory devices, biochips, biosensors and so on, are all included. A limited number of invited lectures by oversea-guest speakers, as well as domestic guest speakers, will be arranged. Contributed papers will be presented in both oral and poster sessions.

You are cordially invited to join this exciting three-day conference held at a quite convenient downtown conference-site in Tokyo, in March 2007. Especially, the attendance of young and motivated researchers is highly encouraged. The conference is expected to provide excellent opportunities for sharing ideas, stimulating discussions, and information exchange for scientists.

We look forward to meeting you at the Takeda Hall, Tokyo in an early spring season of 2007.

Prof. Mitsumasa Iwamoto
M&BE4 Chair