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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Education.

Vol.21 No.2 1997

Educational project toward "Science minded young generation" / M. Azuma

Research Papers
Demonstration of spring oscillations using a position-sensitive semiconductor detector (PSD) / K. Masuda M. Suzuki
Student laboratory of the optical rotatory power of quartz crystal / N. Kuramochi
Relationship between polarization and phase of light by using mica and liquid crystal/ M. Yamashita T. Tako
Diffusion cloud chamber cooled by an electrothermal module / K. Akao, Y. Sato and R. Yamazaki
Physics experiment adopting the making of an automatic measuring system / T. Maehara and K. Deguchi
Improvement of science and physics education at a university of education / H. Ishida, M. Kaneko and M. Matsui
Development of a small airflow apparatus using smoke / S. Maeda
Teaching materials on computer simulations using JavaScript, I / Y. Kawaguchi

Invited Articles
Science education activities of academic societies - The case of the Japan Society of Applied Physics / T. Kawakubo
For the advancement of the chemical education in the Chemical Society of Japan / Y. Arikawa
Reforming education of atomic energy and radiation / T. Tsuruta
Activities on physics education by the Physical Society of Japan / K. Sakurai

Symposium reports (From the 9th symposium on physics education)
On the measurement of mechanical equivalent of heat by electrical heating method / T. Hagihara, H. Oku, K. Sawada and Y. Hayashiuchi
Physics experiment realizing quantity - water tonometer / K. Sato
A class including demonstration experiments and students'hands-on approach / K. Maeda
Favorite experiment themes for students / T. Iwasaki, S. Masubuchi, T. Nagashima and S. Kazama

Basic experiment with free design and production: Solar cell/ H. Ueda, T. Nakayama, T. Aoki and S. Okajima

Guide to Science Halls
Guide to Fukuoka Children's Science and Culture Center / T. Kondo and H. Tokunaga
The history of Sandal Science Museum / Y. Yatsuyanagi
On the new cover design / N. Aizawa