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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Education.

Vol.22 No.1 1998

Make science and technology easily understandabele......., and then? / S. Kazama

Research Papers
The optical diffraction patterns formed by the plane-lattice based on irregular pentagons which can pave the plane / M. Takahashi
Observation and demonstration experiments using amateur sattelites to teach the Doppler Effect of radio waves / F. Asai
Student laboratory measurement of acceleration using a stroboscope / T. Bandai
A system learning Enlish technical terms using a WWW server and browser
/ T. Iizuka, T. Nozaki, M. Terade and Y. Ohba
An experiment in optical diffraction using a compact disk as a grating / H. Hattori and M. Ishikane
Reconstruction of memorized knowledge by solving two physics problems solvable with common concept
/ T. Iwasaki, Y. Hanamoto, M. Terade and Y. Ohba.
A high precision thermometer which can measure spatial temperature distribution
/ S. Kabemoto, T. Tsutaoka, F. Shirane, E. Tominaga and T. Yonezawa

Invited Articles (Symposium Reports)
Report on Symposium on Applied Physics Education / M. Sasano
Present situation of physics education in high schools / K. Onodera
Learning high-school physics IB and II as college physics / K. Nagata
Continuity of physics education: Education and getting process of intelligence / T. Ohyoshi

Educational Spots
Science seminar for junior high school students at a college of technology
/ M. Matsuura, N. Ikuta, T. Ono, H. Konami, K. Kanno, M. kanno, T. Sato, T. Takahashi, T. Nomoto and H. Watanabe
Report On "the Handicraft Class" in the Workshop for Refreshing Science Class'97 in Fukuoka
/ S. Akahoshi, K. Nagata and S. Okajima

Introduction of New Apparatus
A simple apparatus to measure the force exerted on an electric current by a magnetic field / T. Sasaki

Reports on the Academic Meetings
A report on "the International Conference on Physics Experiment Education at University":
The Third China-Japan Symposium on Physics Education / Y. Chikaura
Physics education activity in Chinese universities: Tsinghua university as an example
/ Y. Kamishina
A report on "Japan-UK Conference on Physics and Chemisty Education"
/ Y. Kamishina
A plan for a homepage of the Division of Applied Physics Education / T. Suzuki