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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Education.

Vol.31 No.1 2007

Contributions of JSAP to science education in Japan / Y. Takai  / p.1

Research Papers
Improvement of paper animation mechanism / H. Ohnishi and H. Kawakatsu
Analysis of the ionization energy ΔεD using conductivity measurements in a germanium semiconductor with a high concentraion of impurity / H. Katoh
Experiment for undergraduate students using PIXE analysis / Y. Hosono, C. Nakano, and H. Takahashi
Teaching material for an experiment in semiconductor engineerhg − The Photoacoustic measurement of semiconductors −
/ M. Yagi and T. Kataoka
Practical demonstrationsions in the junior high schooI science class / H. Gessou and N. Kuzuu
Interpreting entropy production in themal conduction / A. Kinoshita and C. Obayashi

Special Issues (Symposium Reports)
Development of an energy education program for general people based on home life materials
/ N. Kuzuu, K. Isa, R. Nakata, J. Nanri and S. Nakagami
Experiment of vacuum bazooka / K. Suzuki, H. Sato, H. Seki and I. Tsukabayashi
Experiment of intellectual science in Nippon institute technology / I. Tsukabayashi, K. Suzuki and H. Seki
Fundamental experiment on electromagnetism starting with handmade coils - measurement of complex impedance -
/ M. Honda, K. Ono, M. Kobayashi and Y. Chiba
"Action" the slogan ; old and new / H. Kasari, N. Sasaki and T. Suzuki
Physics training camp in winter for 38th international physics Olympiad in Iran / H. Kezuka

Invited Articles (Symposium Reports)
Report on "the workshop on science for parents" in Tokai-chapter (Nagoya) / S. Iwata
Report on "the 2006 workShop for refreshing science in the classroom" in Tokai-chapter (Nagoya) / S. Iwata


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