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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Education.

Vol.32 No.1 2008

Education for pupils in the elementary andjunior high school in Japan / M. Shibuya  / p.1

Research Papers
Teaching materials for estimating of quantized energy levels using spreadsheet software / C. Onodera and T. Murotani  / p.3
Complex system simulations using the NetLogo in classrooms /T. Umeda, T. Sumiya and A. Nakamura  / p.11
Computer simulation for refraction of light by using wave packets / T. Kubo, M. Kaneta and H. Nittai / p.17
Experiment on liquid conductivity, using conductance cell removed from a dialyzer
/ S. Nagata, K. Jyokei and K. Umimoto / p.23
Methods for introducing the law of increase of entropy in thermodynamics / A. Kinoshita  / p.29
Portable holographic recording setup / K. Harada, D. Sasaki, S. Kamemaru and T. Fukuda  / p.35
An observation of the gravitational acceleration generated by a magnetic force b means of Bolda's pendulum(reprinted for correction) / K. Nishio, Y. Saito, N. Yoshimoto and C. Kaito  / p.39

Invited Articles (Symposium Reports)
Discussion on the 9th refresh science school in HachinohefTohoku branch, JSAP) / Y. Nejoh, T. Komatsuzaki and N. Miyazaki  / p.45
Report on the 2007 workshop for refreshing science in the classroom in Niigata / T. Suzuki, N. Tsuboi, K. Shinbo, Y. Ohadaira, H. Iwano and T. Maruyama  / p.49
Report on "the fifth workshop for refreshing science in the classroom" in Kanto-area / K. Kezuka, Y. Mitsui, T. Suzuki, T. Fujishiro, M. Nasui and T. Hatano  / p.53


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