Contents for Vol. 11, No. 3 May/Jun., 2004

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Area Page Title Author(s)
Reviews (Invited Paper) QUANTUM OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY 141 The Measurement of Ultrashort Light Pulses—Simple Devices, Complex Pulses (Invited Paper) Xun GU, Selcuk AKTURK, Aparna SHREENATH, Qiang CAO and Rick TREBINO
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 153 Ultrafast and Wideband All-Optical Processing Technologies Towards Flexible Photonic Networks (Invited Paper) Toshio MORIOKA
Letter INFORMATION OPTICS 162 Digital Holographic Particle Tracking Velocimetry for 3-D Transient Flow around an Obstacle in a Narrow Channel Shin-ichi SATAKE, Tomoaki KUNUGI, Kazuho SATO and Tomoyoshi ITO
Regular Papers INFORMATION OPTICS 165 Enhanced Optical Image Verification Based on Joint Transform Correlator Adopting Fourier Hologram Hsuan T. CHANG and Ching T. CHEN
    170 A Fast Encoding Method for Vector Quantization Using Modified Memory-Efficient Sum Pyramid Zhibin PAN, Koji KOTANI and Tadahiro OHMI
  PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 176 Building a Simple Model of a Pulse-Frequency-Modulation Photosensor and Demonstration of a 128× 128-pixel Pulse-Frequency-Modulation Image Sensor Fabricated in a Standard 0.35-μm Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Technology Keiichiro KAGAWA, Norikatsu YOSHIDA, Takashi TOKUDA, Jun OHTA and Masahiro NUNOSHITA
    182 Design and Evaluation of an N:N Optical Coupler Using an Integrated Waveguide Mirror Yutaka SHIBATA, Takanori SUZUKI and Hiroyuki TSUDA
  LASERS 188 A Wavelength and Spectrum Measurement of an Extremely-Short-External-Cavity Laser Diode by Precisely Controlling Slider Flying Height Hiroo UKITA and Yoshinobu KARAKI
    193 Wavelength Tuning Characteristics of a Vertival Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diode with an External Short Cavity Masakatsu OKADA