Contents for Vol. 16, No. 6 Nov/Dec, 2009

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
letters 571 Reflectance Measurement of Spherical Samples Hervé PIOMBINI and Laurianne CAILLON
  575 Impact of An Indium Oxide/Indium–Tin Oxide Mixed Structure for GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Yi-Jung LIU, Chih-Hung YEN, Chia-Hao HSU, Kuo-Hui YU, Li-Yang CHEN, Tsung-Han TSAI, and Wen-Chau LIU
Regular Papers 578 Transmission Properties of Electromagnetic Metamaterials: From Split-Ring Resonator to Fishnet Structure Nguyen Thanh TUNG, YoungPak LEE, and Vu Dinh LAM
  583 Special Phase Mask and Related Data Format for Page-Based Holographic Data Storage Systems Frank PRZYGODDA, Joachim KNITTEL, Oliver MALKI, Heiko TRAUTNER, and Hartmut RICHTER
  587 Deconvolution of Background-Subtracted Shift-and-Add Image by a Modeled Point-Spread-Function Susumu KUWAMURA, Fumiaki TSUMURAYA, Makoto SAKAMOTO, Noriaki MIURA, and Naoshi BABA
  594 Look-Up Table and Gaussian Filter-Based Inverse Halftoning Method Excellent in Gray-Scale Reproducibility of Details and Flat Regions Noriaki SUETAKE, Go TANAKA, and Eiji UCHINO
  601 Derivation of the Analytical Solution of Color2Gray Algorithm and Its Application to Fast Color Removal Based on Color Quantization Go TANAKA, Noriaki SUETAKE, and Eiji UCHINO
  613 Exact Global Histogram Specification Optimized for Structural Similarity Alireza Nasiri AVANAKI
  622 Higher-Order Core Mode Resonances in a Mechanically Induced Long-Period Holey Fiber Grating Daniel E. CEBALLOS-HERRERA, Ismael TORRES-GÓMEZ, Alejandro MARTÍNEZ-RÍOS, and José J. SÁNCHEZ-MONDRAGÓN
  627 Quantitative Analysis of Inhomogeneous Luminance Effect on Visibility of Text Takeshi HARAGUCHI, Taka-aki SUZUKI, and Katsunori OKAJIMA