Contents for Vol. 17, No. 6 Nov/Dec, 2010

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers 507 Optical Depth and Multiple Scattering Depolarization in Liquid Clouds Dukhyeon KIM, Hai Du CHEONG, Yonggi KIM, Sergey VOLKOV, and Jeongsoon LEE
  513 Comparison of Pulsed-Excitation and Phase-Modulation Methods for Estimating Fluorescence Lifetime Values Using a Convolved-Autoregressive Model and a High-Gain Photomultiplier Tube Tetsuo IWATA, Hiroshige KIYOTO, Yasuhiro MIZUTANI, and Tsutomu ARAKI
  519 Comparative Analysis and Quantitative Evaluation of the Field of View and the Viewing Zone of Single-Shot Phase-Shifting Digital Holography Using Space-Division Multiplexing Tatsuki TAHARA, Yasuhiro AWATSUJI, Kenzo NISHIO, Shogo URA, Toshihiro KUBOTA, and Osamu MATOBA
  525 Response Model of Resistance-Type Microbolometer Xiubao SUI, Qian CHEN, Guohua GU, and Ning LIU
  532 Analysis of Optical Time Domain Demultiplexer Using Microring Resonators Jianxun HONG and Yasufumi ENAMI
  536 Design of Low-Loss Tapered Waveguide by Applying Photonic-Crystal-Based Microlenses in Telescopic Structure Ya-Lun TSAI, Hsiao-Chin LAN, Sheng Fu LIN, Chia-Chi CHANG, Hsu-Liang HSIAO, Yun-Chih LEE, Jenq-Yang CHANG, and Mount-Learn WU
  541 A Study of the Sensor Shape of a Hemispherical Electronic Eye Variable Focus Camera Lens Dein SHAW and S. P. CUO
  549 Investigation of Glass Panels Thickness Profile by All-Fiber Digital Heterodyne Interferometry Long GAO, Chunhui WANG, Yiqin JI, Yanchao LI, Haifang CONG, and Yang QU
  553 Anti-reflective Effect of Transparent Polymer by Plasma Treatment with End-Hall Ion Source and Optical Coating Jin-Cherng HSU, Paul W. WANG, Yung-Hsin LIN, Huang-Lu CHEN, Yu-Yun CHEN, Yeong-Der YAO, and Jen-Chieh YU
  557 A Model of Illusory Motion Perception in Still Figures Masanori IDESAWA
  562 Adaptive Non-Negative Bases for Reconstruction of Spectral Data from Colorimetric Information Seyed Hossein AMIRSHAHI, Seyed Ali AMIRHAHI