Contents for Vol. 18, No. 5 Sept/Oct, 2011

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers 367 Dependence of Tracking Error Characteristics of In-Line-Type Differential Push–Pull Methods on Arrangement Error of Segmented Gratings Masahisa SHINODA and Kenya NAKAI
  374 Theory of Polarization Holography Kazuo KURODA, Yusuke MATSUHASHI, Ryushi FUJIMURA, and Tsutomu SHIMURA
  383 Target Extraction in Forward-Looking Infrared Images Using Fuzzy Thresholding via Local Region Analysis Hee-Yul LEE, Tae-Hun KIM, and Kil-Houm PARK
  389 Contrast Enhancement for the Captured Image By Estimating Local Illumination Ho-Hyoung CHOI and Byoung-Ju YUN
  394 An Organic Light-Emitting Device with Ultrathin Quantum-Well Structure as Light Emitting Layer Zhong JIAN, Gao JUAN, Gao ZHUO, Dai KE, and Chen JIULE
  398 Fresnel Lens Solar Concentrator Design and Spectral Distribution on Focus Surface Zuo Chun SHEN, Yu LU, and Jian Ye LU
  403 Measurement of the Chief Ray Angle of Mobile Phone Camera Ho-Soon YANG, Yong-Geol JO, Gyu-Ug KIM, and Yun-Woo LEE
  408 A High-Density Ternary Barcode Detection System Employing a Stable Fixed-Period Delay Method Hiroo WAKAUMI