Contents for Vol. 19, No. 1 Jan/Feb, 2012

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Regular Papers 1 Performance Improvement of Spectral Amplitude Coding-Optical Code Division Multiple Access Systems Using NAND Detection with Enhanced Double Weight Code Nasim AHMED, Syed Alwee ALJUNID, R. Badlishah AHMAD, Hilal A. FADHIL, and Mohd Abdur RASHID
  7 Machining of Acrylic-Based Y-Branch Plastic Optical Fiber Coupler with Suspended Waveguide Taper Abang Annuar EHSAN, Sahbudin SHAARI, and Mohd Kamil Abd. RAHMAN
  13 Acrylic-Based Asymmetric and Variable Coupling Ratio Y-Branch Plastic Optical Fiber Coupler Abang Annuar EHSAN, Sahbudin SHAARI, and Mohd Kamil Abd. RAHMAN
  20 Minimizing Correlation Effect Using Zero Cross Correlation Code in Spectral Amplitude Coding Optical Code Division Multiple Access Anuar Mat SAFAR, Syed Alwee ALJUNID, Amir Razif ARIEF, Junita NORDIN, and Naufal SAAD
  25 Influence of Satellite Vibration on Optical Communication Performance for Intersatellite Laser Links Jing MA, Xin LI, Siyuan YU, Liying TAN, and Qiqi HAN
  29 Three-Dimensional Imaging Spectrometry by Fully Passive Interferometry Masumi SASAMOTO and Kyu YOSHIMORI
  34 Infrared-Light Interferometry and a Phase-Stepping Algorithm for Measuring the Three-Dimensional Topography of Components Covered with GaAs or Si Xiujian CHOU, Kangkang NIU, Yi LIU, Chenyang XUE, Jun LIU, and Wendong ZHANG