Contents for Vol. 20, No. 6 Nov/Dec, 2013

ISSN: 1340-6000

  Page Title Author(s)
Invited Review Papers 453 Unbalanced Nulling Interferometer and Precise Wavefront Control Jun NISHIKAWA and Naoshi MURAKAMI
Regular Papers 463 Effect of Intensity Quantization Level in Parallel Phase-Shifting Digital Holography Lin MIAO, Kouichi NITTA, Osamu MATOBA, and Yasuhiro AWATSUJI
  469 Information Content Compression and Zero-Order Elimination of Computer-Generated Hologram Based on Discrete Cosine Transform Zhenbo REN, Ping SU, and Jianshe MA
  474 Optical Image Compression Based on Adaptive Directional Prediction Discrete Wavelet Transform Libao ZHANG and Bingchang QIU
  484 Circle Detection Using Scan Lines and Histograms Ming CHEN, Feng ZHANG, Zhenhong DU, and Renyi LIU
  491 Image Restoration with Dual-Prior Constraint Models Based on Split Bregman Li AO, Li YIBING, Yang XIAODONG, and Liu YUE
  496 Influence of Polarization on the Hole Formation with Picosecond Laser Jing JIANG, Meng CHEN, Zhenxu BAI, Chao YANG, and Gang LI
  500 Measurement of Surface Resistivity/Conductivity of Different Organic Thin Films by a Combination of Optical Shearography and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Khaled HABIB
  504 New Method of Increasing Diffraction Efficiency of Grating Transferred in Glass Substrate by Corona-Charging Treatment Daisuke SAKAI, Takashi FUKUDA, and Kenji HARADA
  509 Empirical Relationship among Wavelength, Reflectance, and Concentration of Suspended Particulate Matter in Water Based on a Laboratory Experiment Yingcheng LU, Weixian QIAN, Chunguang LYU, Qingjiu TIAN, Dongming LU, and Shaojie SUN
  513 Tone-Mapping and Dynamic Range Compression Using Dynamic Cone Response Byoung-Ju YUN, Hee-Dong HONG, Jinhyoung PARK, Hyun-Deok KIM, and Ho-Hyoung CHOI