Contents for Vol. 4, No. 2 Mar./Apr., 1997

ISSN: 1340-6000

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International Workshop on Interferometry (IWI '96)
    249 Measurement of Principal-Stress Directions from Photoelastic Experiment Using Generalized Phase-Shift Method Eisaku UMEZAKI, Tohru KAWAKAMI
    253 Measurement of Stress Intensity Factors of a Mixed-Mode Interface Crack by a Speckle Photography Kenji MACHIDA
    261 Composite Vibration Analysis with Modulated Electronic Speckle Shearing Interferometry Jesus D.R. VALERA, Ole J. L?KBERG
    265 Visualization of 50 MHz Surface Acoustic Wave Propagation Using Stroboscopic Phase-Shift Interferometry Ken NAKANO, Kazuhiro HANE, Shigeru OKUMA, Tadashi EGUCHI
    270 Robustness of Objective and Subjective Speckle Patterns in the Speckle Strain Gauge Mikael SJÖDAHL
    277 Beam Recombination Characteristics in Array Laser Amplification Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation Hong Jin KONG, Jae Yong LEE, Yun Sup SHIN, Jae Oh BYUN, Hee Su PARK, Hyogun KIM
    284 Time-Division Observation of Plastic Deformation Process Using Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry SUPRAPEDI, Satoru TOYOOKA
    288 Small Deformation Measurements of Diffuse Objects: Phase Stepping by Frequency Drift of a He-Ne Laser Tina L. HELG, Tom H. BARNES,Tim G. HASKELL
    293 The Use of Carousel Interferometer in Fourier-Transform Ultraviolet Jyrki K. KAUPPINEN, Ilkka K. SALOMAA, Jari O. PARTANEN, Matti R. HOLLBERG
    297 Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy Combined with a Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscope Takayuki OKAMOTO, Ichirou YAMAGUCHI
Letters PHOTONICS AND OPTOELECTRONICS 300 Double Stage Flat Passband Acousto-Optic Wavelength Filter Hideaki OKAYAMA, Yutaka OKABE, Takeshi KAMIJOH
    303 Lognormal Modes of Dielectric Optical Waveguides Kazuya HAYATA
Regular Papers INFORMATION OPTICS 305 Simplification of Space-Variant Parallel Logic Operations by Using the Temporal Method Yoshio HAYASAKI, Masahiko MORI, Toyohiko YATAGAI, Nobuo NISHIDA
  LASERS 309 New Crystalline Lasers on the Base of Monoclinic KR(WO4)2:Ln3+ Tungstates (R=Y and Ln) Alexander A. KAMINSKII, Ludmila LI, Andre V. BUTASHIN, Vladimir S. MIRONOV, Alexsei A. PAVLYUK, Sergey N. BAGAYAV, Ken-ichi UEDA
  NONLINER OPTICS 316 Fabrication of Periodi:c Waveguides Using Organic Crystals and Fluorinated Polymides for Quasi-Phase-Matched Second-Harmonic Generation Naoki HASHIZUME, Takao TSURUZONO, Takashi KONDO, Ryoichi ITO
  OPTICAL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES 321 Design of an Athermalized Hybrid Single Lens in the 3-5 ?m Wavelength Band Yasuhisa TAMAGAWA
    324 Iterferometeric Sensor for Electrochemical Studies of Metallic Alloys in Aqueuos Solution Khaled HABIB, Fathi AL-SABTI
    329 Estimation of Velocities and Energy Densities of GHz Domain Shear Fluxes Propagating in Sapphire by Brillouin Scattering Technique Yoshiaki TOKUNAGA
    334 Multichannel Spectral Imaging System for Measurements with the Highest Signal-to-Noise Ratio Akiko HIRAI, Machiko HASHIMOTO, Kazuyoshi ITOH, Yoshiki ICHIOKA
    342 Highly Sensitive and Widely Dynamic Fiber-Coiled Deformation Sensor Immune from External Disturbances Satoshi TANAKA, Yoshihiro OHTSUKA
Short Note NONLINEAR OPTICS 346 Propagation Dynamics of Ultrashort Optical Pulses in Nonlinear Coupled-Cavity-Type Multilayered Structures: a Numerical Study Yong LEE

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