[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 1, No. 1 (1994) 110-112]

3D Reconstruction of Large-Depth Objects Using Fresnel Deffraction of a Ronchi Grating and Simultaneous Recording of Reference and Object Fringes


Physics Department, College Militaire Royal de St-Jean, St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, JOJ IR0 Canada

(Accepted August 4, 1994)

We propose an active triangulation based range-finding system that, besides its simplicity, has two advantages over similar existing systems. First, the system can acquire range data for large-depth objects since it generates an illumination pattern with large-depth of focus using Fresnel diffraction from a Ronchi grating projected over the entire object surface. Secondly, the system does not need preliminary recording of reference fringes since it displays simultaneously, on a single image, both reference and object deformed fringes. This system offers other properties: it is mechanically simple, uses everyday optical components, is low cost, can be operated via a PC and uses relatively simple image analysis software. Three dimensional reconstructions are illustrated for various objects having 10 cm maximum depth variations. The depth accuracy (typically 0.5 mm for an object located at 350 mm from the camera) is comparable with other systems, but a certain compromise has to be accepted in acquisition time (typically 1 minute). This system can find applications in research laboratories as a tool to provide range data with relatively good depth accuracy.

Key words : 3D reconstruction, triangulation, Fresnel diffraction, large-depth objects