[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 2, No. 5 (1995) 334-338]

Second Harmonic Generation in Bis Typed Organic Compounds

Katsuya WAKITA, Tetsuji KAWAKAMI and Nobuo SONODA

Environment and Energy Research Laboratory, Corporate Research Laboratory, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., 3-1-1 Yagumo-nakamachi, Moriguchi, Osaka, 570 Japan

(Received December 1, 1994; Accepted July 21, 1995)

In systematic research on a series of new nonlinear organic materials, we found that Bis (4-nitrophenoxy) methane (BNPM) showed a large intensity of second harmonic light, which was 4.4 times as large as that of urea crystal by powder technique and easily crystallized from a solution. The crystal structure of BNPM, obtained by the X-ray diffraction method, was orthorhombic, space group P21212 (point group 222), with unit-sell dimension a=10.205 Å; b=12.854 Å; c=4.8822 Å. In addition, we found that the absorption edge of BNPM was 430 nm with a 0.9-mm-thick crystal, and we observed the second harmonic light with BNPM single crystal at the wavelength of 1064 nm and in the range from 906 nm to 990 nm.

Key words : optical second harmonic generation, organic material, Williamson reaction, single crystal, crystalline structure analysis, effective nonlinear optical constant<