[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 3, No. 3 (1996) 150-152]

Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties from Poled Silicate Channel-Waveguide

Okihiro SUGIHARA, Tomoyuki HIRAMA, Hisashi FUJIMURA and Naomichi OKAMOTO

Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University, 3-5-1 Johoku, Hamamatsu, 432 Japan

(Received January 19, 1996; Accepted April 1, 1996)

Thin film waveguides of germanosilicate glass are fabricated by rf-sputtering. Second-order nonlinearity of d33=3.2 pm/V is obtained from electrically poled film, and the lifetime of the nonlinearity is found to be 310 years. The poled channel-waveguide is prepared and the Cerenkov-type phase-matched frequency doubling is successfully observed.

Key words: poled glass, second-order nonlinearity, stability, Cerenkov-type phase-matching, channel-wave-guide