[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 3, No. 5 (1996) 361-364]

Temporal Behavior of Phase Conjugate Wave in Self-Pumped Phase Conjugator with Internal Total Reflection

Kiyoshi NAKAGAWA, Hiroyuki KOSHI and Takumi MINEMOTO

Department of Computer and Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University, 1-1, Rokkodai, Nada, Kobe, 657 Japan

(Received January 26, 1996; Accepted July 16, 1996)

Several temporal behaviors of the phase-conjugate output of a self-pumped phase conjugator with internal total reflection in BaTiO3 crystal have been investigated as a function of the beam entrance position and incident angle on the crystal. Different sets of these conditions cause different behavior of phase conjugate wave which are unstable or pulsed output as well as temporally stable output. Classification of these temporal behaviors in phase conjugate wave by incident condition are shown.

Key words : self-pumped phase conjugator, temporal behavior, BaTiO3 crystal, photorefractive material