[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 4, No. 1B (1997) 164-166

Layered Blind Deconvolution Using Subband Filter Banks

Takanori NOMURA1 and Masaya TAMARU2

1Department of Opto-Mechatronics, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University, 930 Sakaedani, Wakayama, 640 Japan, 2Division of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University, 1-1, Rokkodai, Nada, Kobe, 657 Japan

(Received May 9, 1996; Accepted December 6, 1996)

A blind deconvolution method using the concept of subband filter banks has been proposed. This method makes possible the speedy convergence of solution, due to estimation of supports of the reconstructed images by a deconvolution in the lower layer. We apply the method to blind deconvolution by a simulated annealing algorithm and confirm its usefulness.

Key words : blind deconvolution, subband filter, simulated annealing, image reconstruction