[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 4, No. 3 (1997) 390-394]

Free-Space Optical Crossbar-Switches for Self-Routing and Strictly Nonblocking Networks

Shigeru KAWAI*

Optoelectronics NEC Laboratory, Real World Computing Partnership, 34, Miyukigaoka, Tsukuba, 305 Japan

(Received November 11, 1996; Accepted February 14, 1997)

A space-division multiplexing switch was fabricated without precise alignments using electro-photonic multi-chip module technologies. Design rules and fabrication processes for the switch are described. Experiments show the switch has capacity for 1-Gigabit-per-second data transmission.

Key words : optical interconnection, optical switch, free-space optics, space-division multiplexing, packaging, alignment-free, vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser