[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 5, No. 1 (1998) 5-8]

Generation of Transform-Limited Pulse Train in New Scheme of Harmonically Mode-Locked Er-Doped Fiber Ring Lasers

Adi RAHWANTO,1 Rintaro NOMURA,1 Norihiko NISHIZAWA,1,* Toshio GOTO,1 Masakazu MORI2 and Kazuo YAMANE3

1Department of Quantum Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya, 464-01 Japan, 2Department of Information Network Engineering, Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota, 470-03 Japan, 3Lightwave Transmission Engineering Department, Fujitsu Ltd., Kawasaki, 211-88 Japan

(Recived June 2, 1997; Accepted November 19, 1997)

A new scheme of an amplitude modulated harmonically mode-locked Er-doped fiber ring laser is proposed, and the lasing characteristics are experimentally investigated. The transform-limited sech2 pulses at the repetition frequency of 1.64 GHz are stably generated. The pulse width and spectral bandwidth are independent of both the amplitude modulated (AM) modulation signal frequency and the AM modulation depth.

Key words : fiber ring lasers, mode-locked lasers, active mode-locking, short pulse lasers, fiber amplifier