[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 5, No. 1 (1998) 9-11]

Fabrication of c(2) Grating in Poled Polymer Waveguide Based on Direct Laser Beam Writing

Xuxiang NI,* Makoto NAKANISHI, Okihiro SUGIHARA** and Naomichi OKAMATO

The Graduate School of Electronic Science and Technology, Shizuoka University, 3-5-1 Johoku, Hamamatsu, 432 Japan

(Recevied October 30, 1997; Accepted November 17, 1997)

A simple method is described for fabricating high resolution c(2) grating in poled polymer waveguide. It is found that the second-order nonlinearity of corona-poled polymer thin film is erased after visible laser (450 nm) irradiation. The mechanism of the erasure of c(2) is discussed. High resolution c(2) grating structure in several poled polymer waveguides is demonstrated by direct writing with a cw He-Cd laser.

Key words : second-order nonlinearity, c(2) grating, direct laser beam writing, poled polymer