[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 6, No. 2 (1999) 118-123]

Computer Generated Rainbow Hologram

Hiroshi YOSHIKAWA and Hiroyuki TANIGUCHI

Department of Electronic Engineering, Nihon University, 7-24-1, Narashinodai, Funabashi, Chiba, 274-8501 Japan

(Received December 18, 1997; Accepted December 22, 1998)

The rainbow hologram is very practical to display 3-D images because it can be reconstructed with white light. We propose a simplified model to calculate the computer generated rainbow hologram quickly. In the proposed method, we can simply generate the final hologram from intermediate data, whose total number of samples can be less than one tenth of the final hologram. This intermediate format makes fast computation and effective storage/transmission possible. Only multiple and additional operation need be used to convert the intermediate data to final data. Therefore, it is possible that hardware can be added to an electro-holographic display or printer. In this paper, we discuss both theory of the simplified model and experimental results of white light reconstructed images. Full color holograms are also discussed.

Key words : computer generated hologram, rainbow hologram, fast calculation, white light reconstruction, 3-D display, holographic printer, color hologram