[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 7, No. 1 (2000) 9-13]

Optical Haar Wavelet for Extracting Edge Features along Arbitrary Directions

Michinori HONMA, Toshiaki NOSE and Susumu SATO

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Akita University, 1-1 Tegatagakuen-cho, Akita, 010-8502 Japan

(Received May 13, 1999; Accepted November 16, 1999)

A novel circular Haar wavelet (CHW), which is obtained by a radially distributed polarization state, is proposed. Optical wavelet transforms using the proposed CHW are implemented by computer simulations. The proposed CHW is shown to have remarkable features: (1) it is useful for detecting outlines of input images; (2) one polarization component is available for extracting an edge feature along a required direction; and (3) unlike the previously proposed CHW (Z. He and S. Sato: Opt. Lett. 19 (1994) 686), this one can be applied to a multi-resolution edge extraction (Y. Sheng, D. Roberge and H. H. Szu: Opt. Eng. 31 (1992) 1840).

Key words : wavelet transform, Haar wavelet, optical computing, feature extraction, polarization converting device