[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 7, No. 2 (2000) 115-118]

A Novel Ultrahigh-Speed Electrooptic Lens with Periodic Domain Inversion

Tattee KHAYIM, Akira MARUKO and Tetsuro KOBAYASHI

Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Toyonaka, Osaka, 560-8531 Japan

(Received November 27, 1999; Accepted December 10, 1999)

We report a novel electrooptic lens which is able to operate as a converging and a diverging lens alternately with ultrahigh-speed repetition. The quasi-velocity-matching with periodic domain inversion technique was incorporated in the proposed device to make it operate efficiently at a microwave frequency. The pattern of periodic domain inversion was analyzed theoretically to assure it was appropriate for the electrooptic lens. In the experiments, operation of the proposed electrooptic lens was demonstrated at 16.25 GHz.

Key words : electrooptic phase modulation, quasi-velocity-matching, periodic domain inversion, electrooptic lens, lens effect mass fractal, surface fractal, combined fractal, self-similarity, power law, fractal dimension