[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 7, No. 4 (2000) 281-283]

Quadrature Frequency Conversion Scheme Using CsLiB6O10 Crystals for the Efficient Second-Harmonic Generation of High Power Nd:YAG Laser

Hiromitsu KIRIYAMA, Shinichi MATSUOKA, Fumihiko NAKANO and Koichi YAMAKAWA

Advanced Photon Research Center, Kansai Research Establishment, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, 8-1, Umemidai, Kizu-cyo, Souraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-0215 Japan

(Received March 24, 2000; Accepted April 26, 2000)

The ability of CsLiB6O10 (CLBO) crystals for high power second-harmonic generation (SHG) of a 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser in a quadrature arrangement was experimentally demonstrated. A 532-nm second harmonic output pulse energy of 2.25 J was obtained with 3.21 J of an input 1064-nm fundamental pulse energy at a repetition rate of 10 Hz, corresponding to a power conversion efficiency in excess of 70%.

Key words : quadrature arrangement, SHG, CLBO crystal, Nd:YAG laser