[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 7, No. 6 (2000) 561-565]

Phase Imaging with a Phase-Shifting X-ray Shearing Interferometer Using an X-ray Line Source

Koichi IWATA, Atsuo KAWASAKI and Hisao KIKUTA

Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University, 1-1, Gakuen-cho, Sakai, Osaka, 599-8531 Japan

(Received April 14, 2000; Accepted June 29, 2000)

An X-ray shearing interferometer with a line source is presented. The line source broadens X-ray beams and enables us to obtain a phase image with an X-ray image sensor without mechanical scanning. It can reduce the measuring time compared with image acquisition by mechanical scanning. Small phase difference is measured with the phase shift method using acrylic wedges. Although the output beam is overlapped with the non-interfering beams, we can obtain interference fringes with reasonable contrast. With this system we can obtain a projected phase image of an acrylic plate with cellophane tape.

Key words : X-ray interferometer, shearing interferometer, phase shifting, X-ray imaging, X-ray line source