[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 8, No. 1 (2001) 32-36]

Multiresolution Approach to Image Reconstruction with Phase-Diversity Technique

Yasuhiro OHNEDA,1,4 Naoshi BABA,1,* Noriaki MIURA2 and Takashi SAKURAI3

1Department of Applied Physics, Hokkaido University, Kita 13 Nishi 8, Sapporo, 060-8628 Japan, 2Department of Computer Sciences, Kitami Institute of Technology, 165, Koencho, Kitami, 090-8507 Japan, 3National Astronomical Observatory, 2-21-1, Ohsawa, Mitaka, 181-8588 Japan

(Received June 28, 2000; Accepted September 26, 2000)

A multiresolution analysis is adopted to improve an image reconstruction with a phase-diversity technique. The phase distribution at low resolution is first estimated and then is used as an initial estimate for phase reconstruction at a higher resolution level. Computer simulations are conducted to confirm the proposed method. The method is applied for image reconstruction of solar granulation.

Key words : phase diversity, speckle interferometry, image reconstruction, multiresolution analysis, solar imaging

4Present address: Hitachi Software Engineering, Ltd., 6-81, Onoe-cho, Yokohama, 231-0015 Japan