[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 10, No. 5 (2003) 411-414]
© 2003 The Optical Society of Japan

Experimental Study on Light Scattering of High Concentration Suspension

Yuko YAMAURA, Takao ODAKE, Akifumi SUZUKI, Mamiko FUJII and Kiyoshi NAKAYAMA

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sophia University, 7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 102-0094, Japan

(Received February 17, 2003; Accepted May 22, 2003)

To understand the optical properties of living tissue in the NIR range, it appeared informative to investigate the scattering properties of high concentration particle suspension. We measured the angular light scattering of aqueous suspension of 3.5 μmΦ polystyrene particles contained in a 60 μm thick cuvette up to 50% volume concentration at 805 nm wavelength using a goniophotometer. We found that the discrepancy between the measurement and the Monte Carlo simulation becomes larger with increased concentration, which is attributable to the phase function change as well as the scattering coefficient change.

Key words: differential scattering cross section, phase function, scattering coefficient, high concentration suspension