[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 12, No. 2 (2005) 65-68]
© 2005 The Optical Society of Japan

Multi-Wavelength-Switchable Double Clad Yb3+-Doped Fiber Laser Based on Reflectivity Control of Fiber Bragg Gratings by Induced Bend Loss

Ismael Torres-GOMEZ, Alejandro Martinez-RIOS, Gilberto Anzueto-SANCHEZ, Romeo Selvas-AGUILAR, Alejandrina Martinez-GAMEZ and David Monzon-HERNANDEZ

Centro de Investigaciones en Optica A.C., Loma del Bosque 115, col. Lomas del Campestre, 37000, Leon, Gto., Mexico

(Received September 24, 2004; Accepted January 10, 2005)

We propose and demonstrate an all-fiber multi-wavelength switchable double-clad Yb3+-doped fiber laser based on the reflectivity cavity control by induced bend loss. The wavelength switching is realized by a variable reflecting mirror that employs a cascaded array of three high reflection (>99%) fiber Bragg gratings at 1064, 1080 and 1096 nm, with a bending controller inserted between each grating. The order of the Bragg gratings is decided according to the gain profile of the Yb3+-doped fiber and the induced bending loss allows us to select the Bragg-wavelength laser operation. The laser is capable of switching continuously from one wavelength to another, and slope efficiencies over 50% are obtained at each wavelength.

Key words: Double clad Yb3+-doped fiber laser, induced bend loss, Bragg grating fiber, slope efficiency, variable reflecting mirror, side-pumped method