[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 13, No. 1 (2006) 1-7]
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Three-Dimensional Large Screen Display Using Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Light Valves and a Schlieren Optical System: Proposal and Basic Experiments


Department of Materials and Life Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Seikei University, 3-3-1 Kichijoji-kitamachi, Musashino, Tokyo 180-8633, Japan

(Received May 10, 2004; Accepted August 31, 2005)

A novel three-dimensional (3-D) projection display used with polarized eyeglasses is proposed. It consists of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal-light valves that modulate the illuminated light based on light scattering, a polarization beam splitter, and a Schlieren projection system. The features of the proposed display include a 3-D image display with a single projector, half size and half power consumption compared with a conventional 3-D projector with polarized glasses. Measured electro-optic characteristics of a polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal cell inserted between crossed polarizers suggests that the proposed display achieves small cross talk and high-extinction ratio.

Key words: three-dimensional image display, spatial light modulator, projector, polymer-dispersed liquid crystal, cross talk, extinction ratio