[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 13, No. 3 (2006) 158-160]
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Technique of Measuring the Relative Surface Figure of a Nontransparent Window Plate Using Visible Light

Yeon Soo KIM* and Hyun Sook KIM

Agency for Defence Development, Daejon 305-600, South Korea

(Received September 5, 2005; Accepted March 11, 2006)

An interferometric technique to measure a nontransparent window plate using visible light is proposed. Using this technique, the relative surface figure of one surface with respect to another can be measured. The relative surface figure also includes the parallel of both surfaces of the window plate. The optical performance of a nontransparent window plate as an optical component can be evaluated accurately without using infrared light sources if the relative surface figure of the plate is measured.

Key words: interferometric technique, relative surface figure

*E-mail address: ykim@add.re.kr