[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 13, No. 4 (2006) 189-194]
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Two-Dimensionally Deflecting Mirror Using Electromagnetic Actuation

Takayuki ISEKI*, Mikio OKUMURA and Takashi SUGAWARA

Technology Development Division, Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., 58-7 Shinmei-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 239-8550, Japan

(Received September 29, 2004; Accepted April 24, 2006)

This paper describes the structure and characteristics of a deflecting mirror using electromagnetic actuation. We used a moving magnet structure for mirror actuation and focused on designing a mirror structure with effective magnetic force (for low-power operation) and a simple fabrication process (to achieve low manufacturing cost). In this design, the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion are simultaneously used for mirror deflection, allowing the mirror to be operated with low current. Moreover, the structures of the yoke core and magnet bar have been designed to further reduce the operating current. Such a mirror structure is simple and can be easily fabricated with a small number of components. This structure can be used not only for a one-dimensionally deflecting mirror but also for a two-dimensionally deflecting mirror by attaching a second yoke core.

Key words: mirror, two-dimensional, electromagnetic, moving magnet, attraction force, repulsion force

*E-mail address: iseki-takayuki@jvc-victor.jp