[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 16, No. 3 (2009) 262-268]
© 2009 The Optical Society of Japan

Theory of Optical Analysis of Inhomogeneous Turbid Textures

Yoshihiko MIZUSHIMA*

7136-50 Nakaze, Hamakita, Hamamatsu 434-0012, Japan

(Received September 2, 2008; Revised February 14, 2009; Accepted March 13, 2009)

A trial theory of optical diagnosis of inhomogeneous and turbid materials is firstly proposed, considering mutual photon exchanges due to scattering among conglomerate textures. Including scattering and redistribution of photons between neighboring segments, a collective model of photon flow behaviors is analytically constructed. Employing simple inhomogeneous parameters, a set of equations is formulated to express quasi three-dimensional photon redistribution between segments. The important feature of the theory is a simple framework regarding the complex photon flow to be solved by linear algebra. For qualitative and quantitative analyses of respective components, the simultaneous equations can be solved with their characteristic optical coefficients. Each of the ingredients can be analytically identified and evaluated separately. Some of the calculations are exemplified, to show differences from conventional homogeneous theory. Advantageous applications in medical diagnosis are suggested.

Key words: optical diagnosis, two-flux, photon exchange, inhomogeneous, multicomponent, scattering, blood analysis

*E-mail address: mizu@quartz.ocn.ne.jp