[OPTICAL REVIEW Vol. 17, No. 4 (2010) 421-424]
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Influence of Refractive Correction on Ocular Dominance

Nanami NAKAYAMA1*, Takushi KAWAMORITA1,2, and Hiroshi UOZATO1,2

1Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Kitasato University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Sagamihara 252-0373, Japan
2Department of Orthoptics and Visual Science, Kitasato University School of Allied Health Science, Sagamihara 252-0373, Japan

(Received September 16, 2009; Revised February 24, 2010; Accepted April 13, 2010)

We investigated the effects of refractive correction and refractive defocus on the assessment of sensory ocular dominance. In 25 healthy subjects (4 males and 21 females) aged between 20 and 31 years, a quantitative measurement of sensory ocular dominance was performed with refractive correction and the addition of a positive lens on the dominant eye. Sensory ocular dominance was measured with a chart using binocular rivalry targets. The reversal point changed after the addition of a +1.00 D lens on the dominant eye in all subjects. However, sighting ocular dominance and stereopsis did not change after the addition of a positive lens on the dominant eye (P > 0.05, Wilcoxon test). These results suggest that refractive correction affects sensory ocular dominance, indicating the possible development of a new type of occlusion for amblyopia in the future.

Key words: sensory ocular dominance, refractive correction, refractive defocus, sighting ocular dominance, stereopsis

*E-mail address: dm07025h@st.kitasato-u.ac.jp